Hammer Power & Strength Bracelet (Women’s)


The “Hammer Power and Strength Bracelet” represents the Power and Strength of you physically, for a strong and fit body, as well as the Spiritual and Mindful “Power and Strength” of WHO YOU ARE- at the Core of Your Being!

It’s what you BELIEVE IN and STAND FOR… and how you use that Power and Strength to Create the LIFE you want and to Build a Better World.

The Face (or Peen) of the Hammer symbolizes Forging Ahead in your life and Building your Dreams.

The other end of the Hammer (the “Claw”) TAKES OUT things from the original structure, such as correcting a crooked nail. It represents taking accountability for ourselves and the things that are no longer in our best interest or serve us.

Remove them and Re-Build ANEW.

The “loop” of the bracelet secures your Hammer to your wrist, holding YOU to your commitment to be ALL IN for the journey ahead!

Your “Hammer Power and Strength Bracelet” is a reminder or motivator for you to feel your “Power and Strength” within YOU!!

Let its Power-Full energy inspire YOU to do amazing things!


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